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When an employee is injured during the course of their employment, the Workers Compensation System is there as protection. Under the law, all employers are required to have Workers Compensation Insurance. If an employer fails to carry Workers Compensation Insurance, they are liable for all of the medical bills, lost wages, and other benefits due to the injured employee. Call our On the Job Injury Attorney for assistance in filing your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim!

Severe penalties and fines await those companies who violate the requirements of the Workers Compensation Insurance System. Employers must pay all costs and premiums for Workers Compensation and cannot pass these expenses to employees. The Workers Compensation System pays all Work Injury costs.

Because California’s Workers Compensation is a no-fault system, injured employees are qualified for Workers Compensation Benefits regardless of who is responsible for the cause of the accident or injury. Our respected Workers Compensation Law Firm can help you get the benefits you deserve!

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury at work, it is critical for you to retain a skilled and experienced Work Injury Attorney. For over four decades, the Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lawyers at the Grossman Law Offices have offered knowledgeable legal representation in Workers Compensation matters to individuals who have been hurt at work.

Contact us online or call (800) 462-5555 and schedule your no-cost consultation with a highly skilled Workers Compensation Attorney. We handle Workers Compensation cases on a contingency fee basis. You don’t pay attorney’s fees until we obtain a settlement or judgment in your favor!

Workers Compensation Representation in Woodland Hills

Statistics show that the majority of Workers Compensation Claims are denied when then they are initially submitted. Don’t let your claim become one of those 70% that are initially rejected. The Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lawyers with the Grossman Law Offices are highly experienced with filing Workers Comp Appeals. We have a record of obtaining millions in Workers Compensation Benefits for injured clients over the last 40 years.

After sustaining an injury at work, both the employee and the employer must follow specific guidelines in order to qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits. The employee must immediately report the injury to the employer. If the employee fails to notify the employer in a timely manner, the employer may reject the claim due to the injury not being work-related. This worker would not qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits.

Upon receiving notification of an on-the-job injury, the employer is required to notify the State or their insurance company if they are self-insured. The physician who treats the employee must submit an injury report that specifies the extent and nature of the worker’s injuries. Our On the Job Injury Lawyer can ensure your medical records are properly completed so your Worker Compensation Claim is not delayed!

Employers are required to ensure that the hurt employee obtains the proper medical treatment immediately. California’s Workers Compensation Guidelines allow the employer to direct which medical facility administers care to the injured worker.

Seeking the assistance of a qualified Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Attorney is vital if you or a loved one is injured on the job. We can protect your rights and assist you in getting the benefits to which you are entitled under California State law.

Additionally, if you believe that your employer is involved in retaliatory action against you because you’ve filed a Workers Compensation Claim, contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer at the Grossman Law Firm immediately. We are prepared to fight for your rights and bring additional actions against that employer.

Contact a Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lawyer for a Free Consultation

A Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lawyer at the Grossman Law Office is ready to help with your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim whether your on the job injury is minor or catastrophic. Our Work Injury Attorneys will fight to protect and preserve your rights to ensure that you receive the highest level of Workers Compensation Benefits allowable by law.

Please add your information to the Workers Compensation Case Evaluation Form and we will contact you. Or, call the Grossman Law Offices, a Workers Compensation Law Firm, at (800) 462-5555. Our experienced Workers Compensation Attorneys will review the details in your case and offer an honest legal analysis. We will work with you to determine the appropriate Workers Compensation Benefits for your situation.

For over 40 years, the Grossman Law Firm has been providing experienced legal counsel for clients in Woodland Hills and the surrounding communities. We understand that you want to get on with your life after you’ve been injured at work, and we are committed to helping you get the benefits that you deserve!


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