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For over forty years, the caring and experienced Workers Compensation Lawyers at the Grossman Law Offices have been providing skilled legal representation to individuals who’ve sustained catastrophic job related injuries in Woodland Hills and surrounding communities in the San Fernando Valley.

If you’ve suffered an injury at work or an illness due to exposure at a worksite, you’ll need the services of an experienced Workers Compensation Law Firm. The Grossman Law Offices and our team of skilled Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lawyers have built their reputation helping injured employees to obtain a range of Workers Compensation Benefits. An individual may qualify for a number of benefits, based upon the nature and severity of the injury. Workers Compensation Benefits may include medical care, monetary compensation, or job retraining funds.

Contact our team of seasoned Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Attorneys at (800) 462-5555. Our Catastrophic Injury Lawyers offer a free consultation and a complete case analysis in our office. We handle Workers Compensation Benefits Claims and Appeals on a contingency fee basis. Our Catastrophic Injury Lawyers work diligently to make sure our clients remain informed on matters concerning their case. We return emails and client calls promptly. Contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer at the Grossman Law Offices today and learn the ways our knowledge and experience can make a difference in your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim.

Catastrophic Work Injuries in Woodland Hills

When you or someone you love is hurt at work and the resulting injuries are catastrophic, the whole family is immediately and irrevocably changed. A seasoned Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Catastrophic Injury Lawyer at the Grossman Law Office can assist with your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim so you can begin receiving monetary assistance to keep your family financially afloat. Injured workers are also eligible to receive medical and rehabilitative care for catastrophic injuries. Clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries are often unable to return to work for extended periods of time due to a permanent disability. Contact a Woodland Hills Catastrophic Injury Lawyer to ensure that you receive all of the Workers Compensation Benefit to which you are entitled.

The caring and seasoned Workers Compensation Catastrophic Injury Attorneys at the Grossman Law Office have extensive experience representing clients who’ve sustained a wide range of severe and catastrophic injuries. These include, but are not limited to:

While filing your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim, Catastrophic Injury Lawyers at the Grossman Law Offices also thoroughly review case details to evaluate whether a Personal Injury Claim could be taken out against the parties who are at fault. Our Workers Compensation Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawyers have obtained millions for clients living and working in Woodland Hills and surrounding communities.

Most of the time, individuals who suffer a Catastrophic Work Injury require extensive medical attention, numerous surgeries, rehabilitative care, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Our Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Catastrophic Injury Lawyers treat each client with respect and compassion because we understand how shocking and devastating these types of injuries can be for the entire family.

Contact an Experienced Woodland Hills Workers Comp Attorney Today

If you’ve been the victim of a workplace accident that resulted in a catastrophic injury, or if you’ve been exposed to a hazardous work site from which you developed a severe illness, it is crucial that you retain a highly qualified Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Catastrophic Injury Attorney right away. Our firm of experienced Work Injury Lawyers will fight zealously on our client’s behalf to secure the highest rate of benefits allowable by law.

Contact the Grossman Law Offices and arrange for your no-cost consultation with a skilled Workers Compensation Catastrophic Injury Attorney. We help injured clients resolve Workers Compensation Benefits Claims efficiently to obtain much-needed benefits so they can direct their attention and energy on healing.

The Woodland Hills Grossman Law Offices has consistently provided high quality legal representation to injured clients in Woodland Hills and throughout the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley regions for over forty years. With a comprehensive understanding of the Workers Compensation System, our Workers Compensation Catastrophic Injury Attorneys are committed to providing vigorous representation.

Because experienced legal representation is essential to the success of your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim, contact Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Catastrophic Lawyers at the Grossman Law Offices right away!

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“Thank you to Paul for providing great legal support, during one of the most stressful and troubling times in my life. You were very professional, patient, and efficient in managing to produce the most favorable outcome in my personal injury case. Thank you.” – A Personal Injury Client

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