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The Grossman Law Offices welcomes you to our Workers Compensation Law Firm. For over 40 years, our Workers Compensation Lawyers have provided successful legal representation for injured workers in Woodland Hills and throughout the San Fernando Valley region. We have assisted our clients in receiving millions in Workers Comp Benefits.

If you or a member of your family has sustained an injury at work, or if you’ve developed an illness due to exposure at a job, call the Grossman Law Offices. Please contact us online, or call (800) 462-5555 to schedule your no-cost consultation with an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney at one of the area’s leading Workers Compensation Law Firms. If your claim has already been denied, our seasoned Workers Compensation Lawyers will diligently guide your case through the Workers Comp Benefits Appeals process.

Our Workers Compensation Attorneys handle these matters on contingency. This means that until we achieve a settlement or judgment in your case, you won’t be asked to pay attorney’s fees.

By consistently offering high quality legal counsel, Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lawyers at the Grossman Law Firm keep clients informed regarding their Workers Compensation Claim status. We will address phone calls and email communications promptly.

Workers Compensation Benefits in Woodland Hills

The Workers Compensation Benefits system makes available several types of benefits for individuals who have been injured at work. Based upon the nature and extent of your injuries, you may qualify for one or more of these benefits. An experienced Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Attorney will review your case in our office and help you determine which benefits apply to your situation.

The following types of Workers Comp Benefits are available to individuals who have experienced an injury at work:

Medical Care Benefits

All costs for treatment of the work injury or work illness are fully covered by Workers Compensation, including:

Temporary Disability Payments

If you are unable to resume your regular work duties during recovery, you may be entitled to receive Temporary Disability Payments. If you are able to carry a reduced work load and earn less because of the work reduction, you may be eligible to receive Temporary Partial Disability Benefits. Contact a skilled Workers Compensation Attorney at the Grossman Law Offices for assistance with your Workers Comp Benefits Claim.

Permanent Disability Payments

When an individual suffers an injury at work that interferes with their future ability to earn a living, they may be qualified to receive Permanent Disability Payments. This condition, either physical or mental, must be certified by a physician. Contact a Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Attorney for assistance with your Workers Comp Benefits Claim. Permanent Disability Benefits are based upon the following:

Supplemental Job Displacement

When an employee is hurt at work and the injuries prevent the employee from returning to their regular employment, the employee may be eligible for Supplemental Job Displacement if the employer doesn’t provide other employment options. This Workers Comp Benefit, in the form of a voucher, can be used for job retraining expenses at an accredited institution. These can include:

Death Benefits

If an employee dies due to a work-related illness or injury, Death Benefit Payments are available to the spouse, child, or other eligible dependents. If you have lost a loved one in a workplace accident, consult an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney for assistance.

Please contact the Grossman Law Offices, a respected Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Law Firm, to receive additional information on eligibility requirements for Workers Compensation Benefits in California. Call (800) 462-5555 and schedule your appointment with an experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer today!

Who is Eligible for Workers Compensation Benefits?

Independent Contractors, Full Time Employees, Part Time Employees, Temporary Employees, and Undocumented Workers are eligible to receive Workers Compensation Benefits if they’ve been injured at work during the course of regular employment. Because California is a no-fault liability state, all individuals who are hurt at work may qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits regardless of who is a fault for the injury.

Free Consultation with Workers Comp Attorney

Contact us to schedule a no-cost consultation in our office with a skilled Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lawyer.  When you complete the Workers Compensation Case Evaluation Form, we will review this information and contact you to arrange the appointment.

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