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Every job comes with some risks. But as an employee, you deserve a safe workplace. Your employer should do everything in their power to keep you out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Employers sometimes cut corners or neglect to keep a safe work space. Often, the result of these actions is injury.

Those injuries can have a significant impact on your life. You could miss weeks of work, or experience an injury that leaves you permanently disabled. In either case, you don’t deserve to suffer. A worker’s compensation attorney in Woodland Hills can help you seek compensation for your suffering.

Here at Grossman Law Offices, we know about the devastation of a workplace injury. We want to work to get you the benefits you deserve. According to the Labor Code, you are eligible for compensation for certain accidents. If you had a work-related illness or injury, you should contact our firm. We can represent you in your fight for compensation.

What Incidents Warrant Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation was designed to protect workers from injuries in the workplace. However, workers compensation doesn’t only apply to traumatic injuries. They also apply to injuries that are a result of long-term actions. For instance, being in a loud environment could eventually result in the loss of your hearing. You could seek compensation for your hearing loss.

That compensation isn’t immediate. If you want money for your losses, you need to file a workers compensation claim. And to do that, you need to go through the right channels. Our law firm can walk you through the process.

Most employers have insurance that covers workers compensation claims. Therefore, the employer is not directly responsible for paying your damages. Rather, the insurance company is responsible. You might need to fight the insurance company for a fair payout. However, this is difficult to do on your own. When you work with someone who has knowledge of workers compensation law in Woodland Hills, you improve your chances at a successful outcome.

Common Types of Claims

Injuries and illnesses in the workplace come in many forms. Here are a few common types of claims:

1. Dangerous Designs

If an employer has you working in a workplace with a dangerous design, you could find yourself in an accident. For instance, they might have a walkway that contains an unsteady incline. It’s their responsibility to keep walkways and other design elements safe.

2. Slip and Falls

It’s quite common for slip and fall accidents to occur in the workplace. This is especially true for those who work in blue collar jobs. With 24.94% of Woodland Hills’ workforce working in blue collar jobs, there are many people at risk for workplace injuries.

Slip and fall accidents can happen in many ways. For example a worker can fall from a broken ladder. An uncleaned spill could cause an employee to slip and break a bone. Often, the accident is a result of neglect. If you are a victim of a slip and fall, our firm can fight for your right to compensation.

3. Dangerous Products

Many workers rely on their equipment to get jobs done safely. However, the equipment doesn’t always work the way it should. When it malfunctions, an injury can occur. There are several possible reasons for this type of accident.

In some cases, the equipment manufacturer uses low-quality materials. In other cases, the employer doesn’t use the right equipment for the job. They also might fail to provide regular inspections.

Whatever the reason may be, you could be entitled to workers compensation. A workers’ compensation attorney in Woodland Hills could assist you in your journey to justice. Contact our office today for more information.

4. Lack of Training

There are many jobs that require training. However, some employers fail to provide proper training. In an effort to save time and money, they make workers learn by trial. Sadly, this can be a recipe for disaster.

3.5% of workers in Woodland Hills are in the construction industry. If some of those workers don’t receive proper training, their lives are at risk.

A lack of training could result in a serious injury or death. But the incident isn’t your fault. Rather, it’s the fault of your employer. They owe it to you to provide you with the proper training for your tasks.

What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

Workers compensation gives you money for several facets of your claim. It covers all of the following:

1. Medical Treatment

You deserve the best medical treatment for your injuries. However, that treatment can be costly. Workers compensation should cover the cost of all the medical care you need to fully recover from your accident. In addition to including medical bills, this also includes rehabilitation and prescription medication.

2. Temporary Disability Benefits

If you need to take time off from work to recover from your injury, you deserve payment. Temporary disability benefits allow you to receive money while you recover.

Insulation workers, for instance, only have a mean annual wage of $40,210 in Woodland Hills. At that wage, a week of missed work can put you in debt. Grossman Law Offices can help you receive the money you need to cover your expenses. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our office.

3. Permanent Disability Benefits

In some cases, you may never fully recover from your injury or illness. As a result, you could receive permanent disability benefits.

4. Job Displacement Benefits

Your accident could keep you from ever working your job again. Fortunately, supplemental job displacement benefits give you money to enhance your skills or train for a different position.

5. Death Benefits

In some cases, a workplace injury results in the death of the worker. The immediate family members of the spouse deserve compensation for their loss. With death benefits, they can try to recover without a financial burden.

What Should You Do After an Accident?

One of the first things you should do after a workplace accident is to contact a lawyer. However, there are a few other steps you should also take.

First, you should get the medical attention you need. If you have an injury that requires immediate care, get treatment immediately. The longer you wait to get treatment, the worse your symptoms could become. Be sure to tell your doctors that the injury was a work-related incident. When they document your medical issues, they will include that in the chart. You get more evidence that your injury was a direct result of your job.

If you don’t need to go straight to the hospital, you should report your injury to the supervisor. Failing to report the incident puts your workers compensation claim at risk. It jeopardizes your claim. At the very least, it could delay your claim.

By reporting your claim quickly, you can get access to workers compensation funds sooner. You can seek medical care right away and be on your way to a successful recovery. By law, you only have one working day to notify your employer of the incident. If you don’t know about the injury until after the fact, you have one day from the discovery to tell your employer.

Filling Out Your Claim Form

After you report your injury, your employer should give you a workers compensation claim form. However, you can also get your own form by contacting us.

If your employer does not give you a form, you should take it as a warning sign. Their insurance company might be hesitant to give employees the money they deserve. When this occurs, you could benefit from working with a lawyer. We have the experience and resources you need to take on the insurance company.

Whether or not the insurance company is cooperative, you might need help filling out the claim form. If you fail to do so properly, you put your claim at risk.

The form details the incident and states that it was caused by work. By filing, you could receive up to $10,000 in medical treatment. Keep in mind that your treatment needs to be in line with the insurer’s guidelines.

Submitting your claim also could get you more in disability payments. If your employer or their insurer is late to pay you, then you could receive more money.

With the claim form, you take the first steps towards resolving your workplace injury. It’s a way to get the ball rolling and move towards a successful outcome. When you work with us, we help you avoid any mistakes that could delay or hurt your claim.

Why Do You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney in Woodland Hills?

Because your employer has insurance to handle your claim, you might question whether or not you need a lawyer. However, workers compensation isn’t as simple as you might imagine. There are many ways in which you can benefit from working with a workers’ compensation attorney in Woodland Hills. Here are a few ways we can help you:

1. Explain Your Treatment Options

If you don’t receive the right type of treatment, you could be on the hook for paying your medical bills. You need evidence-based treatment, which means you need to receive treatment that is proven to cure your injury or illness. If the insurer does not approve of the treatment, they could deny payment for the medical services.

There are guidelines regarding the type of medical treatment you can receive. The guidelines dictate the frequency of treatment, the intensity of the treatment, and the duration of the treatment. For more information on those guidelines, you can contact our office. We can make sure you get the proper treatment for your injuries.

2. Determine Eligibility

Not everyone is eligible for workers compensation. On the other hand, some individuals don’t realize that they are eligible for compensation. To find out about your eligibility, you should speak to a lawyer.

One of the determining factors is your worker status. Some workers are independent contractors and not employees. According to California law, independent contractors are not eligible for workers compensation. Only employees are eligible.

Determining whether or not you are an employee can be difficult. With no strict definition, some employers can mistakenly classify employees as contractors. Doing so allows them to avoid paying out for accidents. Therefore, it’s crucial to speak with a lawyer to determine your true status.

There are a few ways to determine your worker status. For example, a contractor has complete control over what they do. Meanwhile, an employee received orders and has limited control of the way they work. Other important details include how you are paid and who supplies materials for your job.

3. Get Fair Compensation

The median pay in Woodland Hills is a mere $15.80 per hour. With such a low hourly wage, most Woodland Hills residents can’t afford to miss work. Our firm can work towards getting you fair compensation for your bills.

After your accident, you deserve all of the help you can get. Our firm wants to stand up against insurance companies that attempt to cheat you on your claim. With our help, you can fight for what’s yours. Whether we settle in or out of court, a workers compensation attorney in Woodland Hills is on your side.

4. Receive Advice

Many people don’t know what to do after a workplace accident. If you are unsure of how you should act after your accident, you should contact someone from our firm. We can advise you on the steps you need to take to get a successful outcome.

There are several common mistakes people make after workplace accidents. By working with us, you can learn how to avoid those mistakes. This improves your chances at getting the compensation you deserve.

Working with Us

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you need help with your workers compensation claim, contact us at Grossman Law Offices. Our lawyers are ready to stand up for you and your rights as an employee.

When you work with us, we treat you with the respect you deserve. We believe that everyone has the right to a safe workplace. For that reason, we strive to hold employers and insurance companies accountable.

The sooner you seek advice on your situation, the sooner you can be on your way to receiving compensation. Instead of handling all of your bills alone, let us help you get the money that is rightfully yours. Contact us today for assistance.


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