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“Thank you to Paul for providing great legal support, during one of the most stressful and troubling times in my life. You were very professional, patient, and efficient in managing to produce the most favorable outcome in my personal injury case. Thank you.” – A Personal Injury Client

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Experienced Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Attorneys with the Grossman Law Offices fight for clients who are seeking justice for the serious injuries they’ve received due to any wrongful conduct or negligence by others. Our skilled Personal Injury Lawyers provide superior legal representation to accident victims in the Chatsworth area and throughout the state of California.

For more than 40 years, our Accident Attorneys have been dedicated to helping injured persons find relief by securing the best possible outcomes and the highest maximum financial compensation allowed under the law. Our Chatsworth Personal Injury Attorneys have a documented record of achievement with thousands of accident injury cases successfully litigated or settled, and results that include awards reaching into the millions of dollars. The Grossman Law Offices has earned a membership into the prestigious trial attorneys group, the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Quality Legal Representation for Chatsworth Accident Victims

Call (800) 462-5555 or contact us online to discover how the experienced Personal Injury Lawyers and Accident Attorneys at the Grossman Law Office can be of service to you or your loved ones after an accident or injury. We invite you to our office for a no-cost consultation with a skilled Injury Lawyer at one of Southern California’s premier Personal Injury Law Firms.


At your initial consultation, you will meet with a knowledgeable Accident Lawyer who will thoroughly review your situation and offer an honest assessment. In many Personal Injury matters, clients are not required to pay attorneys’ fees until an award or judgment is entered for their case. Call the Grossman Law Office today and speak to an Accident Attorney serving Chatsworth. Your case may qualify to be accepted on contingency.

Our primary goal is to help clients achieve legal justice! We understand that your life was suddenly interrupted by an accident or injury. Our compassionate team of Chatsworth Catastrophic Injury Attorneys, Wrongful Death Lawyers, and Products Liability Lawyers is dedicated to successfully resolving your accident case. Our Car Accident Lawyers, Transportation Accident Attorneys, and Premises Liability Lawyers deal with the details of handling negotiations with the insurance companies and advocating for your best interests. As we guide your case through the legal system, our experienced Accident Lawyers and Injury Attorneys keep communications open and respond appropriately to calls and emails.

Do not hesitate to call our office. The sooner you ask our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys for help, the sooner you will be able to focus on healing and getting back to your life.  

Chatsworth Accident Injury Cases

Personal Injury Attorneys with the Grossman Law Office serve Chatsworth and surrounding communities with experience in a wide range of injury/accident cases,  including:

Car AccidentsFrom claims at the insurance level through the trial and appeal process, our Car Accident Attorneys near Chatsworth are skilled at handling all motor vehicle accidents, including Car Accidents, Truck Crashes, Motorcycle Accidents, Hit & Run Incidents, and situations involving Pedestrians.

Catastrophic InjuriesAny major accident can be the cause of severe, catastrophic injuries which are permanent or long-lasting. Our Chatsworth Catastrophic Injury Lawyer works with clients in these complex cases who have suffered life-changing trauma such as Brain Injuries, Coma, Blindness, Burn Injuries, Paralysis, Amputation, Spinal Cord Injury, Head Injuries, or Back Injuries.

Defective Products – Product liability claims can be brought against all parties responsible for a defective product that causes injury to consumers. Our Products Liability Attorney works diligently for clients to secure financial compensation in these cases which may involve any category of consumer goods, including Children’s Toys, Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Devices, Seatbelts, Appliances, Vehicles or Car Parts, and Chemicals.

Premises LiabilityWhen accidents are caused by dangerous conditions at someone’s property or business, the owner may be held responsible. Experienced Premises Liability Lawyers at the Grossman Law Offices represent clients injured in all types of accidents, including Unsafe Premises, Dog Bites, Accidents from Slipping or Falling, Animal Attacks, Cracked Sidewalks, Unguarded Swimming Pools, Slippery Floors, Deep Holes, Unkempt Landscaping, Falling Debris and Improper Elevator Maintenance.                                                                                                                                                     

Transportation AccidentsThese accidents can involve any type of transit, including Carpool or Vanpool vehicles, Charter or Public Busses, Commercial Vehicles, or Trains. Our Transportation Accident Lawyers skillfully handle these personal injury claims which may involve Pedestrian Accidents as well.

• Wrongful DeathWhen a fatal accident takes the life of a loved one, the grief can be unfathomable. Our Wrongful Death Attorneys at the Grossman Law Offices help families, spouses, children, and parents by securing the justice and financial compensation they deserve. We provide an aggressive and compassionate legal counsel. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Free Consultation with Chatsworth Personal Injury Attorneys

When you’ve experienced injuries due to an accident or the negligence of another person, it is important that you consult a legal professional right away. Laws limit the amount of time certain legal actions can be brought forward. Call us today. Our Personal Injury Lawyers serving Chatsworth will fight for your legal rights!

Contact us by completing the Personal Injury Case Evaluation Form. Your information will be reviewed by a skilled Personal Injury Lawyer who will contact you to arrange a no-cost consultation.

We understand that you are hurting and coping with the ramifications of your major injury. We can help you find answers so you can better understand the legal options in your situation. Call the Grossman Law Offices today at (800) 462-5555.



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